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Together with the launch of our new Linksome V2 update we'll be offering three different subscription options.

Choose your plan! 🌱

Linksome Free

We'll be offering personal Linksome accounts for FREE to everyone! 🤑

This way you'll have many more features to use contrary to other #linkinbio tools.

With Linksome, you'll have unlimited components and links and extensive customisation options.

Pricing 💸

Monthly €0 | $0

Yearly €0 | $0

Linksome Pro

With Linksome Pro you'll receive exclusive features that are extremely useful, especially for businesses and influencers. Linksome Pro include tracking options for your social media platforms, website and webshops. This way you can analyse all of your traffic on your Linksome page directed to your own platforms. With this feature, you can measure your data and create dashboards to track everything on your Linksome.

Pricing 💸

Monthly €4 | $5

Yearly €40 | $50

Linksome Business

Linksome Business is created specifically for agencies, corporate brands and bigger teams. The Linksome Business subscription provides up to 10 profiles under one Linksome account, provides multiple users, priority support and video support. Linksome is an extremely powerful tool for companies. There are many options to use the tool, companies can create a personal Linksome page for all employees and add the QR-codes of their Linksome pages to their business cards. This adds a new layer of approachability as clients have more options to contact your company in a unique way.

Pricing 💸

Monthly €20 | $25

Yearly €200 | $240

In case of any question or feedback, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the Linksome bot in the right corner. If you prefer e-mail contact, know that you can reach out to us by e-mailing [email protected]

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