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Your Linksome profile shows your personality and content best, so your profile needs to be available on your social media platforms. In this article, we'll explain three great options on how to share your Linksome profile with the world!

1. Social media

There's only one spot to add an URL on your social media profiles. That's why the #linkinbio is perfect for social media, the tool connects all your content, links and social media into just one link. Let's explore three social media options!


Instagram does have a significant role to play in increasing your conversions. Did you know that research has shown that as many as 70% of Instagram users use the app to search for a specific brand? It's important to showcase your brand, product or service in a creative way. Linksome makes this easy, as it's one link and your audience has access to all your content with just one click.


The #linkinbio on TikTok comes in handy as it's shown directly on your profile and it truly stands out if you're using a link in bio. Adding a link to your bio on TikTok is not a regular feature, as you need to switch over to a business account on your profile. Using the TikTok link in bio can create benefits and opportunites for brands, businesses and creators, so make sure to add your link to your TikTok profile!


You can easily add your link to your Twitter bio. Twitter has, just like the other social media platforms, a special field to enter a link. Just go to your profile and edit your profile. Here you can paste your #linkinbio URL and you're set! Now, your Twitter audience and visitors see your link when navigating your profile.

2. Business cards

Most businesses enter their website link, campaign link or video link to their social media profiles. Now, more and more businesses start using #linkinbio tools and add the URL to their bio so they can make the most of their online presence within their profile. But the ease and advantages does not end there, because there are awesome options for businesses!

Businesses that have upgraded to a Business subscription can add up to 10 profiles to their account. In this case, the company can create personalised profiles for its employees, with the theme, design and colors based on the brand identity of the company.

Companies that are using Linksome already have been creative. The Linksome URL of the employee profiles was added to personal business cards in the shape of a QR code. This way, their Linksome is accessible easily with just a quick scan on their card!

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