The visitors on your Linksome come and go, and we've made it easy to see the amount of visitors during certain periods, and the countries your audience is visiting your Linksome profile from. In this article we will explain how to get insights into visitor statistics, where you can track all the data traffic from your visitors on your Linksome, and more!


You can view selected data from four different periods:

  • Day

  • Week

  • Month

  • Year


Within the Statistics menu, you can analyse the traffic on your page.

You can check the total amount of page views, visitors, and clicks during a specific period. The Click through rate shows the amount of times visitors click elements on your Linksome profile, explaining the interaction.

Bounce rate

By selecting the Bounce rate view, you can see the data of the bounce rate on your page based on days, weeks, or months. This bounce rate shows the number of visitors that leave your page after visiting, instead of clicking through to your linked content in components.

Average time

By selecting the Average time you can view the average time of visitors in seconds on your page.

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