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Within this menu, you can add UTM parameters. UTM parameters are used to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns and content across traffic sources.

There are five types of UTM parameters to track traffic:

  1. utm_source – this tag identifies the traffic source, like Google or Facebook

  2. utm_medium – this tag specifies the medium, like a newsletter or social

  3. utm_campaign – this tag indicates the campaign that a URL is part of

  4. utm_content – this tag can distinguish the effectiveness of campaigns

  5. utm_term – this tag identifies keywords that drive clicks

Linksome is the UTM source of traffic, and social is the UTM medium. Now we'll explain how to enter the UTM parameters to your Linksome profile.

  1. Open the 'Settings' menu

  2. Click 'UTM Parameters'

  3. Click the button to enable UTM Parameters

  4. Now, enter 'linksome' as UTM Source

  5. Enter 'social' as UTM Medium

  6. Click 'Save'

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